VW Fun Cup 2017 skin : Leader Racing (N°63).

Bon dimanche à tous ! Cela fait quelques jours que j’ai n’ai plus posté d’article, mais nous avons eu beaucoup de mal à finir le skin que je vous présente aujourd’hui. Mais nous avons fini par trouver tous les sponsors, et le résultat est très satisfaisant je trouve. La voiture 63 du Leader Racing est actuellement classée à une belle 23ème place et était pilotée par Cody Kishel, Jean-François Brunot, Kevin Clifford et Casey Dennis (soit un équipage 100% U.S.) lors des 25 Heures VW Fun Cup. Si vous aimez cette voiture, n’hésitez pas à me le faire savoir !

Good sunday to everybody ! It’s been some days since I last posted, but we had a lot of trouble finishing the skin I present you today. But we finally managed to find all the sponsors, and I think that the result is very satisfying. The 63 car from Leader Racing is actually ranked 23nd, and was driven by Cody Kishel, Jean-François Brunot, Kevin Clifford and Casey Dennis (that’s to say a 100% U.S. line-up) during the 25 Hours VW Fun Cup. If you like this skin, do not hesitate to let me know !




rFactor Indy Lights skin : Josef Newgarden (Schmidt Peterson Motorsports).

Hello guys ! Today, I’m happy to show you the penultimate Indy Lights skin that I have planned to do for the moment.  This time, we’re coming back to 2011, with the American driver Josef Newgarden, who got crowned once again with Schmidt Peterson Motorsports (I know it was called Sam Schmidt Motorsports, but that is quite the same team, it’s easier to make the link). This talented young driver is now the « leader » of the Ed Carpenter Racing in Indycar Series, with none less than two wins last year.The colours are based on Vautier 2012’s livery, with different sponsors. You can judge by yourself right here :

JosefNewgardenIL2011 (1)JosefNewgardenIL2011 (2)JosefNewgardenIL2011 (3)JosefNewgardenIL2011 (4)

If you are interested, the download link is the following :  https://mega.nz/#!YwUCwAwT!7SNa_3SydD7qOvj3OLgmOQZfniekVcBg8KVnFXZFnPg . The folder is still the same, merge it once again to allow you to see this skin.

I will try to make the last as quickly as possible, so what I can change register. Thanks for your comments, and see you soon here !

rFactor Indy Lights skin : Sage Karam (Schmidt Peterson Motorsports).

Hello followers, I present you today the second skin I made for the Indy Lights mod, just some days before the Indianapolis 500 100th edition.. This one was also made some weeks ago, and as I told you previously it is the 2013 champion Sage Karam’s livery. He was racing that year with the Schmidt Peterson Motorsports (that is also in Indycar Series), and won the title as a rookie. When you see it for the first time, it looks absolutely simple, but it is in fact really complicated, as finding the sponsors and modifying them took me a lot of time. Here are some screenshots (I improved the quality) for you to judge :

SageKaramIL2013 (1)SageKaramIL2013 (2)SageKaramIL2013 (3)SageKaramIL2013 (4)

Even if it is simple, I hope you like it and you will download it just here :  https://mega.nz/#!8pVGGbYQ!COdpMPjmEoXR1BSY3uOvifjKTSVqIAORzLY_m2CPlYQ

To see the skin in the game, you have to put the « Schmidt Peterson Motorsports » folder  in the same location than for the first one, it is explained in my previous post.

Next week, I will write a big post explaining the future of my website that was created already one year ago ! It will talk about skins, tracks and maybe more, so stay tuned !

Formula Atlantic skin : Ryan Dalziel.

Hello, I’m coming back again with another skin. This time, I wanted to make something different and quite unknown in Europe, that’s to say the former Toyota Atlantics Championship, which was what Indy Lights is to Indycar or GP2 to Formula One. At the beginning of the 2000s, many good drivers raced in it, and I begin with Ryan Dalziel in 2004, for the Sierra Sierra Racing . The Scottish driver raced in ChampCar, GrandAm (also United Sportscar) Championship and many others. It took me quite a lot of time to finish it, as I had to « learn » the templates, but I think it is quite satisfying. Here are some screenshots as usual :


If you like it, you can download the skin here :  https://mega.nz/#!QwNmlCAQ!00ym-x-Wro2wlR4cIbIIBYQYHJgVCw8j7TKLGrAVjtk . You have to put it in Vehicles/Toyota Atlantic/All Teams.

If you haven’t installed the mod, you can find it here :  https://mega.nz/#!I00iDZiY!zcOmyOyK4URSUo_fKH4K6t4W86oOvYMPsH-okak4HnQ  . Have fun !