Porsche Supercup skin : Michael Ammermüller (Lechner MSG Racing Team).

Welcome again ! On this wednesday, I already present the fourth driver in the ranking of the 2016 Porsche Supercup season. So that driver is Michael Ammermüller, former Formula One test driver, with the Lechner MSG Racing Team. His livery was different from Müller’s, but is not bad to see.


Here is the link you’ll need to get this skin : https://mega.nz/#!B4MFzCDZ!kn-_cOH3pYmgozpInVDaegHed1C9BvNzjyk_1YLKykI .

The archive file has the same name as Sven Müller’s skin, but you don’t have the folder with inside. So you need to extract those files in « SUP16 Lechner MSG RAcing Team ». But after that, just open your rFactor game and have fun !


Porsche Supercup skin : Mathieu Jaminet (Martinet by Alméras).

Hi dear followers ! If you are reading this post, this is maybe because you are interested in the Porsche Supercup skins I make for the moment. Indeed, this is the third livery of 2016, the one of Mathieu Jaminet, a very talented French driver that finished third and best rookie (by the way he was also crowned champion in Carrera Cup France after having won every race). Personally, I really like this skin, even if it was not the easiest to reproduce. You can judge with those screenshot :


Here is the download link : https://mega.nz/#!5lklXDDI!GfKoixU6jDPk46pVwbeHkMzx2N4wkciDHFN0UQEv2A0 .

You can obviously expect some more !

Porsche Supercup skin : Matteo Cairoli (Fach Auto Tech).

Hello ! This afternoon, I am quite active so I am already offering you a second Porsche Supercup skin. So after the champion, I continue with the runner-up, the Italian driver Matteo Cairoli. He won four races against three for Müller, but had to retire once. He was driving for the Fach Auto Tech team, and his colours were…a bit special. But I hope you will appreciate it.


You can download this skin here : https://mega.nz/#!x90jCDJA!HUvaxpGT3zXC92yP9_yJUU7Mbpv07-KTWfu2bf0V2Hg .

Keep following me for more skins !

rFactor skin : McGregor by Equipe Verschuur (Renault Megane Trophy).

Good evening dear followers. I’m back for a second consecutive day with a new skin. This time, it isn’t one I had already made before. So after the 2013 Eurocup Megane Trophy champion, here is the runner-up, that’s to say the Dutch driver Mike Verschuur. His livery was not very easy to reproduce, but with the sponsors I find it really great looking. You can judge by yourself right here :


The download link is this one : https://mega.nz/#!hpUXgQxC!ZDnJyhK4phnlRNES7SUqB3fqg9hrtiDOhAVq6xW0s8Q .

I will probably continue a little bit with this car, so you can expect at least one more skin. Thanks for your support !

EDIT : I had made this post public last week, but there’s apparently been a problem, so I had to make it again this afternoon.

Porsche Supercup skin : Sven Müller (Lechner MSG Racing Team).

Good evening guys ! Tonight, it’s a bit special as I am beginning a new era. I can’t say for how long it will last, but I an starting to make some Porsche Supercup skins. As we are still in 2016, I will reproduce some liveries of that season which ended last month at Austin. The German driver Sven Müller was crowned champion with the Lechner MSG Racing Team. The « base livery » was not too hard to reproduce, but it was more difficult for the sponsors. You can see what it looks like right here :


As there’s not really a mod for the Porsche 991 GT3 Cup on rFactor 1, you probably wonder where this car comes from. The car is coming from the Ultimate GT3 2.0 mod. This mod is a compilation from almost all the GT3 (and similar) cars that ever raced.

This mod is really huge, so you can download it with just some cars (base mod), or complete. If you just download the base mod, you can add national packs, depending on which cars and skins you want. I don’t know if the car is in the base mod, so I’d suggest you to download the complete pack.

Whatever you want, all the files for the mod can be found here : http://trippteamdownload.servegame.com:100/RFACTOR1/CARS/S-Z/Ultimate%20GT3%20V2.0%20by%20SargentSam/ .

My skin, that needs to be placed in GameData\Vehicles\Ultimate_GT3\Teams\Porsche_991_GT3_Cup, can be downloaded here : https://mega.nz/#!s50hCYaK!iQVPOrx_t6YjPVxqJwDiwo_FZwgIpviVItnMs4giO8g .

I will certainly make some more, I don’t know how much as I have another idea, but if you like do not hesitate to tell me !