rFactor skin : Oregon Team 4 (Renault Megane Trophy).

Hello guys ! I know I’m not very active this month (like I did in October last year), but this is not necessarily because I’m not motivated. I am working on some things, and they need a lot of time to be presented. To give you one more skin, I offer you this one from the 2013 Eurocup Megane Trophy. It is Mirko Bortolotti’s livery, when he was crowned champion with Oregon Team. The colours are the team’s usual, and I quite like it. Tell me what you think of it after watching those screenshots :


So if you want your mod to be more complete, just click on this link : https://mega.nz/#!dssSXKaY!2hqhN3NVO1iGK5Cp2yyYg3cFomWcTgzrOZv2156_TSQ .

I will obviously keep you informed about what I will do next, so keep following me !


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