Clio Cup Benelux skin : Niels Langeveld (Certainty Racing Team).

Hello guys ! It’s been almost a week since my last post. In that one, I told you that I was waiting to receive a new mod. It will take a bit longer, as this mod will need to be reworked. So I continue with the Clio Cup, and I’m now making all the 2015 national champions. And as I’m Belgian, I begin with the Benelux championship. Last year, the champion was the Dutch Niels Langeveld, who was driving for Certainty Racing Team. It took me some time to find all the sponsors on the car, but I really like this skin. I hope you’ll like it too, you can see what it looks like here :


The download link for this skin is this one :!BglBHT7Y!uPvDKszNPc7l_EweWpTrcaL3XEWJq1GHQn_JcCl1aGM .

If the mod is not finished soon (it’s absolutely plausible), I’ll continue with other national championships. So keep following me to know what’s coming next !



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