Eurocup Clio skin : Nicolas Milan (Team LMV CL Brakes).

Hello guys ! I didn’t see it before, but this post will be my hundredth !!! And you will maybe have guessed that it is the third driver of the 2013 Eurocup Clio season. So I am talking about Nicolas Milan, who’s French and owning his own team, though he was racing for the Team LMV CL Brakes in 2013. His skin was absolutely not difficult to reproduce, but it has the merit to exist :


The download link is that one :!kosQBITB!sH8ze-dylYxCRm_bbJR-CnfEMnZXdrR02Yf15yfF9Oo . I hope you’ll like it !

I invite you to celebrate with me this great moment, my 100th post !!!!!

Some words of explanation for the future. I am waiting to get a new mod, something that would give me a lot (really) of new skins to make, but I won’t tell you what. If I have to wait too long, I will make some other skins for this car. Maybe I will continue in the Eurocup standings, maybe I’ll make skins of national championships, I don’t know. Just stay tuned and then you’ll know !


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