Eurcoup Clio skin : Eric Trémoulet (Vic’ Team).

Helloooo ! This evening, I offer you the third skin of the 2014 Eurocup Clio season. And this one will be the last for that year, for the moment. After that, I’ll switch to the 2013 season. And logically, after the champion and the second, here is the driver that finished third in the standings. That’s to say the French Eric Trémoulet, driving for the Vic’ Team. Honestly, I hope you’ll really like this livery, as it was one of the most difficult I ever made. Personnally, I find it awesome, and here are my screenshots :


So if you agreed to my words, you can download the skin here :!tslnCIqA!T-nwh6UMEIml9uxUXaKdO5PQaFnbKbSOw0a-qCgc7wg .

I already said in the beginning of this post what I’ll do in my near future, so just stay tuned !


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