Formula Renault 3.5 skin : Julián Leal (Prema Powerteam).

Hellooooo ! I am back and I wish you a very good first post of September. I am almost at the end of my 2009 Formula Renault 3.5 Series skinpack, and the last team is the Italian squad Prema Powerteam. This team is now one of the best in open-wheel championships, as they run in GP2 and European F3. Their first driver of 2009 was the Colombian Julián Leal, who made two seasons in FR3.5, and then five seasons in GP2, where he scored two podiums. Personnally, I really appreciate this livery, and I hope that those screenshots will make you appreciate it too :

JulianLeal2009 (1)JulianLeal2009 (2)JulianLeal2009 (3)JulianLeal2009 (4)JulianLeal2009 (5)JulianLeal2009 (6)

I give you the download link here :!5ld1jABD!YuTISoK-O5mr8PCpaI5Aaoo4lPOrJ0_RL5-TWRiFfEY . If you want to have a perfect structure, you’ll have to create a « Prema Powerteam » folder in « WSBR/All-teams », as I forgot to make it. This will be fixed if I ever make a complete skinpack.

The next and last skin (as I decided not to make Hartley’s livery, see my previous posts) should come soon.


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