Clio Cup Italia skin : Simone Iacone (Rangoni Corse).

Good afternoon dear followers, it’s been more than a week since my last post, but I’m actually very busy. However, I managed to find a bit of time to make another Clio Cup skin, this time of the 2015 Italian Championship. Last year’s champion was the Italian Simone Iacone. The livery is a little bit similar to the first Rangoni Corse skin that I reproduced (Oscar Nogues), but not exactly the same. Here are the screenshots (I know it’s not the best way to take a turn on those pics) :


If you want to race with this skin, donwload it here :!swdGBYRL!H3YEBYgTHhooKT7XjuMSKIKRSCmHencSNzTJ5Dz0YTA . This time it’s different as I had already made a skin of this team so please put the « Iacone2015 » folder in « clio_cup_2013/Teams/RangoniCorse » if that one exists, otherwise create it. Have fun !



Clio Cup Central Europe skin : Pascal Eberle (Steibel Motorsport).

Hello dear fans ! As I told you, here is another skin for a « local » Clio Cup championship, the Central Europe (Germany,Switzerland,…). I am obviously presenting the skin of the 2015 champion, the Swiss Pascal Eberle, currently driving in the ADAC TCR. This livery was really quick to reproduce, but not bad for your eyes I think. Let’s judge by yourself :


If you want more diversity, choose to download the skin here :!5kdEDZxY!ecGTIG0FYA0YtJJjs82shCEEFiub8qBI8DGu1-EiuR0 .

Continue to follow me if you want to get more skins !

Clio Cup Benelux skin : Niels Langeveld (Certainty Racing Team).

Hello guys ! It’s been almost a week since my last post. In that one, I told you that I was waiting to receive a new mod. It will take a bit longer, as this mod will need to be reworked. So I continue with the Clio Cup, and I’m now making all the 2015 national champions. And as I’m Belgian, I begin with the Benelux championship. Last year, the champion was the Dutch Niels Langeveld, who was driving for Certainty Racing Team. It took me some time to find all the sponsors on the car, but I really like this skin. I hope you’ll like it too, you can see what it looks like here :


The download link for this skin is this one :!BglBHT7Y!uPvDKszNPc7l_EweWpTrcaL3XEWJq1GHQn_JcCl1aGM .

If the mod is not finished soon (it’s absolutely plausible), I’ll continue with other national championships. So keep following me to know what’s coming next !


Eurocup Clio skin : Nicolas Milan (Team LMV CL Brakes).

Hello guys ! I didn’t see it before, but this post will be my hundredth !!! And you will maybe have guessed that it is the third driver of the 2013 Eurocup Clio season. So I am talking about Nicolas Milan, who’s French and owning his own team, though he was racing for the Team LMV CL Brakes in 2013. His skin was absolutely not difficult to reproduce, but it has the merit to exist :


The download link is that one :!kosQBITB!sH8ze-dylYxCRm_bbJR-CnfEMnZXdrR02Yf15yfF9Oo . I hope you’ll like it !

I invite you to celebrate with me this great moment, my 100th post !!!!!

Some words of explanation for the future. I am waiting to get a new mod, something that would give me a lot (really) of new skins to make, but I won’t tell you what. If I have to wait too long, I will make some other skins for this car. Maybe I will continue in the Eurocup standings, maybe I’ll make skins of national championships, I don’t know. Just stay tuned and then you’ll know !

Eurocup Clio skin : Massimiliano Pedala (Composit Motorsport).

Good evening dear followers ! As we’re already late in the evening, I won’t be too long. The second skin of the 2013 season is the one I present you tonight. It is Massimiliano Pedala’s  (Italian, driving for Composit Motorsport) livery, which was quite simple, but not unpleasant to see. You can see it on those screenshots :


The download link is here :!EhFhVZ4Q!Qb3yP-J80F_gAvMURNdM16-Jg1HiRrBHJYgv6BdhaLU .

Have fun and see you soon !

Eurocup Clio skin : Josh Files (Team Pyro).

Good morning dear followers.  I’ve been fast this time, and as I told you in my last post, I have now switched to the 2013 Eurocup Clio season. As usual, I begin with the champion, that’s to say Josh Files, English driver now in ADAC TCR. He was driving for the team Pyro, and his livery was much easier to reproduce than the last. But it’s not bad at all for me, I hope you’ll like it :


The link or the download is there :!g1UCjADT!NBYlDjn3anJYPdFvnIhPjTP6PW25ykudnZjTzKttwl4 . Once gain, put the « Team Pyro » folder in « clio_cup_2013/Teams » if you want to make it work properly.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to present the next skin, so keep watching the website sometimes.

Eurcoup Clio skin : Eric Trémoulet (Vic’ Team).

Helloooo ! This evening, I offer you the third skin of the 2014 Eurocup Clio season. And this one will be the last for that year, for the moment. After that, I’ll switch to the 2013 season. And logically, after the champion and the second, here is the driver that finished third in the standings. That’s to say the French Eric Trémoulet, driving for the Vic’ Team. Honestly, I hope you’ll really like this livery, as it was one of the most difficult I ever made. Personnally, I find it awesome, and here are my screenshots :


So if you agreed to my words, you can download the skin here :!tslnCIqA!T-nwh6UMEIml9uxUXaKdO5PQaFnbKbSOw0a-qCgc7wg .

I already said in the beginning of this post what I’ll do in my near future, so just stay tuned !