Formula Renault 3.5 skin : Jon Lancaster (Comtec Racing).

Good morning ! Today’s post is about my new skin, that’s to say Jon Lancaster. The English driver was racing for Comtec Racing, and finished 13th with one win, despite missing the beginning of the season. Last year, he was crowned champion in the European Le Mans Series. The colours are not all black this time, and I have been able to find most of the sponsors.

JonLancaster2009 (1)JonLancaster2009 (2)JonLancaster2009 (3)JonLancaster2009 (4)JonLancaster2009 (5)JonLancaster2009 (6)

You can find the download link here :!1lcRRChB!JWToFNQbIY8gyw5eUzj33M_2evY6yvRUiK-6iYF96e4 .

This time, you obviously have to put the “Lancaster2009” folder in “All_teams/Comtec Racing”, and after that launch the game and wait for the next skin !


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