Formula Renault 3.5 skin : Pasquale Di Sabatino (RC Motorsport).

Hello guys ! After  some days (haven’t counted) without any post, I come back with another skin. This one is honestly not the most exciting I’ve ever made, as it’s almost all painted black. It is Pasquale Di Sabatino’s livery, who was competing with RC Motorsport. I tried to find as much sponsors as possible, but it was hard and some are missing, fortunately not the biggest. Despite that, I hope you will be interested, and to help it I add screenshots :

PasqualeDiSabatino2009 (1)PasqualeDiSabatino2009 (2)PasqualeDiSabatino2009 (3)PasqualeDiSabatino2009 (4)PasqualeDiSabatino2009 (5)PasqualeDiSabatino2009 (6)

To complete the collection, here is the link :!B5FHyaSI!qERBBehCy1MwC-zg0bKsuaAaQxV6bs4pyi3XT58ht4I .

I can already tell you that I’m not going to make the second skin of the team, as the other car has been shared by three drivers, and none of them has made more than one meeting. Because of this, it’s difficult to find good pictures.


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