Formula Renault 3.5 skin : Miguel Molina (Ultimate Motorsport).

You’re probably already thinking that I’m way too fast, but I’m motivated ! I’m already giving you the first driver of the seventh team in the 2009 standings, that’s to say Miguel Molina for Ultimate Motorsport. The Spanish driver, who’s now in DTM, finished eigth with three podiums in only 13 races. To be honest, it wasn’t difficult at all to paint the car, but not that easy to find and modify the sponsors. But I will let you judge.

MiguelMolina2009 (1)MiguelMolina2009 (2)MiguelMolina2009 (3)MiguelMolina2009 (4)MiguelMolina2009 (5)MiguelMolina2009 (6)

Download link :!80NwSBAb!Cy_reg7PQgO2K4udfalm1VFcdIQO4o9pZutHi03-bTw  .

When I tell you that I will need some time, I’m finally quick, so I will not let you expect anything for this time…


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