Formula Renault 3.5 skin : Marcos Martinez (Pons Racing).

10 ! Yes, this is the number of skins I have already released this month, including the one I’m presenting here. The driver who raced with this livery hoped to be champion for a long moment. Indeed, the Spanish Marcos Martinez won the first three races of the season, before having a bad end of season (finally seventh). His livery is quite sober, mainly painted black, but it’s quite nice. Here are the screenshots :

MarcosMartinez2009 (1)MarcosMartinez2009 (2)MarcosMartinez2009 (3)MarcosMartinez2009 (4)MarcosMartinez2009 (5)MarcosMartinez2009 (6)

Donwload link :!x81mGSqJ!hlk_rO6iEZtAWOpM6IHqrN0kS8-loZ2raDN7pgZT__w . Put the “Martinez 2009” folder in “WSBR/All_teams/Pons”.

His teammate will come soon, don’t worry !


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