Formula Renault 3.5 skin : Fairuz Fauzy (Mofaz Racing).

Good morning to all my fans ! Today, I (obviously) bring you a new skin. You certainly already wonder where the second Tech 1 Racing is. I didn’t make it, as it is Brendon Hartley’s livery, which is quite similar to his 2010’s livery already in the mod. So, I don’t know if it’s worth to do it. Therefore,  swithced to the next team, Mofaz Racing, a Malaysian squad that was in a partnership with Fortec. The main driver was Fairuz Fauzy, who finished second with one win and four other podiums. His livery was really difficult to reproduce, I hope I made it right. You can see what it looks like with those screenshots :

FairuzFauzy2009 (1)FairuzFauzy2009 (2)FairuzFauzy2009 (3)FairuzFauzy2009 (4)FairuzFauzy2009 (5)FairuzFauzy2009 (6)

If this skin is what you need, follow this link to downoad it :!5sc1lKjR!nkpukqHlYOCrgAGZAL-inbEXiuxBbdfBYc7ArBI2E7c .

Place the new « Mofaz racing » folder (had to create it) in WSBR/All_teams. Fauzy’s teammate will follow soon, stay tuned !


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