Formula Renault 3.5 skin : Charles Pic (Tech 1 Racing).

Are you ready ? The 2009 Formula Renault 3.5 series grid is getting filled  more and more everyday. On this Tuesday, I begin the fourth team in the standing, the french guys from Tech 1 Racing. The highest-ranked driver is concerned, that’s to say Charles Pic. He raced some of the best cars in the recent years, with two years in FR3.5, two in GP2, two in Formula One, and more recently one season in Formula E. The colors are here very different from the last team, as it was not easy to reproduce this livery. The good point was that the sponsors were easy to find. For me, it’s a beautiful and modern livery, you can judge by yourself :

CharlesPic2009 (1)CharlesPic2009 (2)CharlesPic2009 (3)CharlesPic2009 (4)CharlesPic2009 (5)

Here is the link to allow you to download the skin :!VwdB0CQS!Qj-u4Henex-JJRip-H27Y0cLxr1w6hheIuPDBJCXBhg .

Put the skin in the original “Tech 1 Racing” folder, and then race it on the track you want !


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