Formula Renault 3.5 skin : Bertrand Baguette (International Draco Racing).

Hello guys, for this first post of the month, I’ve decided to change a little bit. After a lot of Indy Lights skins, I am now working on Formula Renault 3.5 skins. After adaptated 2015 skins on the old car, I  decided to make some 2009 skins. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier…I began with that year’s Drivers’ Champion, who was also driving for the Team’s Champion. I am obviously talking of Bertrand Baguette and the International Draco Racing. The Belgian driver was born in the same province as me, and is as friendly as talented. He’s got a huge experience, as he has won this championship, but also the LMP2 Championship in the 2012 WEC season. He is also currently competing in Super GT and Super Formula in Japan. The colors are varied, and it was quite difficult to find all the sponsors. Here are some screenshots :

BertrandBaguette2009 (1)BertrandBaguette2009 (2)BertrandBaguette2009 (3)BertrandBaguette2009 (4)

You can download the skin here :!t5EDgIqJ!9vpmYLErgy7j_Y-bSwvaZOkvZLul4DnnJxtoFGpry-k .

You have to place the « Baguette2009 » folder in GameData/Vehicles/WSBR/All_teams/InternationalDracoRacing. You can expect some others, as I’ve got a lot of time for the moment. Thanks for appreciating my work !


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