Formula Renault 3.5 skin : Anton Nebylitskiy (KMP Group/SG Formula).

And hi again ! I did not expect this one to be « so easy », but here you have the second KMP/SG skin. It is Anton Nebylitskiy’s livery. The Russian driver raced three years and a bit more in FR3.5, but he only made one podium in more than 50 races. This skin is just slightly different from Moreau’s, but I give you some screenshots :

AntonNebylitskiy2009 (1)AntonNebylitskiy2009 (2)AntonNebylitskiy2009 (3)AntonNebylitskiy2009 (4)AntonNebylitskiy2009 (5)AntonNebylitskiy2009 (6)

The link for downloading this skin is here :!0p8kAS4R!WlPwvuHeaIB3R3ArU4ZEI5h_NTIh-x4eREwuVI7LgJU . Please paste it in the same folder than for Moreau.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish the two missing skins before the end of this month, as it’s tomorrow, but I’ll try my best.


Formula Renault 3.5 skin : Guillaume Moreau (KMP Group/SG Formula).

Hello dear followers, I’m coming back today with another skin of the 2009 Formula Renault 3.5 Series. The penultimate team in the standings was the Russian/French squad KMP/SG Formula. And his highest-ranked driver was the French Guillaume Moreau, who scored 18 points, with a podium finish. He was known for racing with OAK Racing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and for a bad accident he had in 2012. The colors are once again very simple, but the sponsors make the skin quite good-looking. I give you some screenshots right after :

GuillaumeMoreau2009 (1)GuillaumeMoreau2009 (2)GuillaumeMoreau2009 (3)GuillaumeMoreau2009 (4)GuillaumeMoreau2009 (5)GuillaumeMoreau2009 (6)

You can get this skin by clicking on this link :!RllHTY7a!FhrfHnZtGBeCL5XDGNNTy0gl1LvMFPhm4nwlzpHLLHw .

You will have to put the « Moreau2009 » folder in « WSBR/All_teams/KMP Racing » to be able to race one more livery. And the 22nd will come quite soon !

Formula Renault 3.5 skin : Michael Herck (Interwetten Racing).

When I promise, I don’t lie. Just some minutes after the first skin from the Interwetten Racing Team, here is the second. Here is not the driver of the N°15 car that raced the most, but he’s the only one who scored points. I am talking about the Romanian-Belgian driver Michael Herck, who is known for having raced four seasons in GP2 Series. In 2009, he scored seven points in Formula Renault 3.5 series, and here is what his car was looking like :

MichaelHerck2009 (1)MichaelHerck2009 (2)MichaelHerck2009 (3)MichaelHerck2009 (4)

If you want to download my twentieth skin of that season, just click here :!808ylACb!9iR_eYbNA40lSHT7yW94odTySis2CTiVpeh6clCmsEg .

I will need more time for the next skins, as I will be at Spa-Francorchamps for the Belgian Grand Prix all the weekend !

Formula Renault 3.5 skin :Adrian Zaugg (Interwetten Racing)

Good morning. Today, I continue my skins streak with the team that finished eleventh in the standings, the Austrian team Interwetten racing. The best driver of the team was the South-African Adrian Zaugg, who finished 14th with one podium in only six meetings. The colors are once again mainly black, but joined with a good yellow painting. I hope you will like this one, and for that you’ll need to see what it looks like before :

AdrianZaugg2009 (3)AdrianZaugg2009 (2)AdrianZaugg2009 (1)AdrianZaugg2009 (4)AdrianZaugg2009 (5)AdrianZaugg2009 (6)

If you’ve been convinced by my work, you can get it here :!xg9TxCqY!sov36rtwX3_g4PraxyVbAnF-2B4_Ro_7py9y2FY7q04 .

Paste the folder contained in the archive in the original « Interwetten Racing » folder to be sure to make it work. You can expect Zaugg’s teammate to come very quickly after, so stay tuned !

Formula Renault 3.5 skin : Cristiano Morgado (Comtec Racing).

Good evening guys ! I hope I didn’t make you wait too much before this post which is talking about Comtec Racing’s second skin. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find pics from the driver which raced the most in the second car of the team, so I « had » to this one instead. So here you have Cristiano Morgado’s skin. The South-African driver is quite unknown, and it seems that he didn’t make much more then two races in Formula Renault 3.5. Here are some screenshots :

CristianoMorgado2009 (1)CristianoMorgado2009 (2)CristianoMorgado2009 (3)CristianoMorgado2009 (4)CristianoMorgado2009 (5)CristianoMorgado2009 (6)

And here I give you the download link :!Y8dUwTAJ!knUPvTSI2fMVxdBybyQavsdN1gt9gZRUNNZ6uffZ1N4 .

Have fun, and do not forget that I still have a lot of things to offer you !

Formula Renault 3.5 skin : Jon Lancaster (Comtec Racing).

Good morning ! Today’s post is about my new skin, that’s to say Jon Lancaster. The English driver was racing for Comtec Racing, and finished 13th with one win, despite missing the beginning of the season. Last year, he was crowned champion in the European Le Mans Series. The colours are not all black this time, and I have been able to find most of the sponsors.

JonLancaster2009 (1)JonLancaster2009 (2)JonLancaster2009 (3)JonLancaster2009 (4)JonLancaster2009 (5)JonLancaster2009 (6)

You can find the download link here :!1lcRRChB!JWToFNQbIY8gyw5eUzj33M_2evY6yvRUiK-6iYF96e4 .

This time, you obviously have to put the « Lancaster2009 » folder in « All_teams/Comtec Racing », and after that launch the game and wait for the next skin !

Formula Renault 3.5 skin : Pasquale Di Sabatino (RC Motorsport).

Hello guys ! After  some days (haven’t counted) without any post, I come back with another skin. This one is honestly not the most exciting I’ve ever made, as it’s almost all painted black. It is Pasquale Di Sabatino’s livery, who was competing with RC Motorsport. I tried to find as much sponsors as possible, but it was hard and some are missing, fortunately not the biggest. Despite that, I hope you will be interested, and to help it I add screenshots :

PasqualeDiSabatino2009 (1)PasqualeDiSabatino2009 (2)PasqualeDiSabatino2009 (3)PasqualeDiSabatino2009 (4)PasqualeDiSabatino2009 (5)PasqualeDiSabatino2009 (6)

To complete the collection, here is the link :!B5FHyaSI!qERBBehCy1MwC-zg0bKsuaAaQxV6bs4pyi3XT58ht4I .

I can already tell you that I’m not going to make the second skin of the team, as the other car has been shared by three drivers, and none of them has made more than one meeting. Because of this, it’s difficult to find good pictures.