[W.I.P.] Circuit de Lignières – TCS

Hello guys, after a long long time without talking about it, I come back with the first preview of the track I’m modelling for the moment. I told you earlier that the Colmar-Berg track was impossible to finish, so I obviously started a new one. I wanted a short track, not a kart track, so I found this one. It is the training track of the TCS (the Switzerland touring club), located in Lignières. The track is not used for international races, but only for historical or motorcycle races. The Swiss karting championship also has a race on this track, so I could make  a shorter version, as the track is actually 1.280 kilometre long. The screenshots I will show you right after will give you a first idea of what it looks like :


Of course, as the screenshots are taken from the building software, you can’t see the sky and it looks quite unfinished. Here is a real photograph of the track :


Even if the  terrain is well advanced, I still need to place some bushes and grasses, but I will place all the objects once the terrain will not need any work. I will try to make a preview video of the track on my Youtube channel. I also saved the project many times, so there’s no risk to loose it. If you are interested, I will keep you updated by posting new pics. Thanks for your interest !


EDIT (15/07/2016) : lot of work made again. The terrain around the track is really almost finished, the details are in progress. After that, I’ll begin with the fences and the trees, all the objects that I don’t need to create by myself.



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