rFactor Indy Lights : Esteban Guerrieri (Schmidt Peterson Motorsports).

And once again, a new post for a new skin. Now, it is another SPM Indy Lights driver, that’s to say Esteban Guerrieri in 2012. The Argentinian finished twice second in Indy Lights (2011 and 2012, with six wins in total), but also third in Formula Renault 3.5 in 2010 with six wins. The colours are based on the argentinian flag, and the sponsors are quite different from what we usually see :

EstebanGuerrieriIL2012 (1)EstebanGuerrieriIL2012 (2)EstebanGuerrieriIL2012 (3)EstebanGuerrieriIL2012 (4)EstebanGuerrieriIL2012 (5)

Here is the download link :  https://mega.nz/#!t41ChAxK!2dtg-imAN4pdN3dIiamsIA4AJMzK0l2JwM3ELOXmEyY .

Do not hesitate to show your support !


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