Circuit de Lignières released !

Hello followers ! Today is obviously extremely important for me, as I’m offering you now my fourth track for rFactor. I already described the track in a previous post, so there’s no need to make it one more time. I tried to finish it as quickly as possible, but without forgetting any important object. I can say that I improved my skills a lot, especially for the modelling with Sketchup, and I’m quite happy with the result.

But I must warn you of some things :

  1. I had a big trouble with the racing line, giving the AI a very bad trajectory. It is now solved, but the AI may just be a bit slow. I will not kill myself on this, as I don’t think it’s very useful to use it.
  2. I finally put cameras on the track, but I’m not absolutely sure of it they work well. I tested a lot, and there seems to be a little freeze with the sky while watching a replay. But it works.
  3. If you hit the « grass walls » at a very high speed, you will maybe fly over it. Don’t worry, it’s just like in real. Try not to go straight…
  4. You can already wait for an update, as I will add the kart layout, but I want to begin a new project before.

Here are a lot of screenshots with a car that really raced on the track (Formula Ford) :

If you are interested, you can download the track by clicking this link :!RoEDCQ4Z!mw27E1h6nf8omX5qa7J808pOr7_E354l08ouDwt9t8k .

You have to put the second « Switzerland » folder into GameData/Locations to make the track usable.

I hope I will be able to help you by providing you one more track, it’s always a pleasure to receive good comments. And if you have any request, question, trouble, do not hesitate to contact me. See you soon !


rFactor Indy Lights skin : Peter Dempsey (Belardi Auto Racing).

Hello guys, I’m still working hard these days, so I can give you today a new skin, obviously still for the Dallara that was competing in Indy Lights. This time, after a lot of SPM liveries, I made a second skin for the Belardi Auto Racing, that’s to say Peter Dempsey’s 2013 livery. The Irish driver finished third and then second in Star Mazda (Pro Mazda today), with a total of ten wins, but he also raced three years in Indy Lights, with eight podiums and a fifth place in 2013. He won one of the most famous races ever, with an incredible finish (video here). The colours are Belardi’s usual, with his sponsors.

PeterDempseyIndyLights2013 (1)PeterDempseyIndyLights2013 (2)PeterDempseyIndyLights2013 (3)PeterDempseyIndyLights2013 (4)PeterDempseyIndyLights2013 (5)

If you like this skin, download it here :!EsVQUAzJ!yQjcrtNNQ4kai7R0XcsqrPcpqzpzoCtZA5IVNBozpu8 .

Thanks for following, even during the summer holidays !

[W.I.P.] Circuit de Lignières – TCS

Hello guys, after a long long time without talking about it, I come back with the first preview of the track I’m modelling for the moment. I told you earlier that the Colmar-Berg track was impossible to finish, so I obviously started a new one. I wanted a short track, not a kart track, so I found this one. It is the training track of the TCS (the Switzerland touring club), located in Lignières. The track is not used for international races, but only for historical or motorcycle races. The Swiss karting championship also has a race on this track, so I could make  a shorter version, as the track is actually 1.280 kilometre long. The screenshots I will show you right after will give you a first idea of what it looks like :


Of course, as the screenshots are taken from the building software, you can’t see the sky and it looks quite unfinished. Here is a real photograph of the track :


Even if the  terrain is well advanced, I still need to place some bushes and grasses, but I will place all the objects once the terrain will not need any work. I will try to make a preview video of the track on my Youtube channel. I also saved the project many times, so there’s no risk to loose it. If you are interested, I will keep you updated by posting new pics. Thanks for your interest !


EDIT (15/07/2016) : lot of work made again. The terrain around the track is really almost finished, the details are in progress. After that, I’ll begin with the fences and the trees, all the objects that I don’t need to create by myself.


rFactor Indy Lights : Esteban Guerrieri (Schmidt Peterson Motorsports).

And once again, a new post for a new skin. Now, it is another SPM Indy Lights driver, that’s to say Esteban Guerrieri in 2012. The Argentinian finished twice second in Indy Lights (2011 and 2012, with six wins in total), but also third in Formula Renault 3.5 in 2010 with six wins. The colours are based on the argentinian flag, and the sponsors are quite different from what we usually see :

EstebanGuerrieriIL2012 (1)EstebanGuerrieriIL2012 (2)EstebanGuerrieriIL2012 (3)EstebanGuerrieriIL2012 (4)EstebanGuerrieriIL2012 (5)

Here is the download link :!t41ChAxK!2dtg-imAN4pdN3dIiamsIA4AJMzK0l2JwM3ELOXmEyY .

Do not hesitate to show your support !

rFactor Indy Lights skin: Oliver Webb (Schmidt Peterson Motorsports).

Hello guys ! It’s not been a long time since my last post, but I’m really on fire ! Today, I bring one more skin, my eighth for the Indy Lights mod. This time, it is Oliver Webb’s livery. The British driver was driving in 2012 with Sam Schmidt Motorsports (the team changed its name the year after, so I keep it), before switching to the Formula Renault 3.5 in 2013. His main achievement was the title in the European Le Mans Series in 2014. The livery is similar to the team’s  standard, with different colours and sponsors. Even if it is almost always the same kind, I hope you’ll like it.

OliverWebbIL2012 (1)OliverWebbIL2012 (2)OliverWebbIL2012 (3)OliverWebbIL2012 (4)OliverWebbIL2012 (5)OliverWebbIL2012 (6)

If you want to continue the collection of skins, you can download this one right here :!x190jYxS!p9zXwQqqZcMI3WiTA_o_gpWzuCLxPywhsYBymKP6rYg .

Thanks for following more and more, see you soon !

rFactor Indy Lights skin : Jack Hawksworth (Schmidt Peterson Motorsport).

And two in a row ! After a first skin earlier today, I come back again. I tried to make a fast skin, so i chose this one, which is just slightly different from Tristan Vautier 2012’s livery. Indeed, it is Jack Hawksworth’s 2013 skin. The British driver finished fourth that year, before beginning in Indycar Series, where he scored a podium in 2014. You will have understood that the only differences with the skin I mentioned higher are the sponsors, so for me it is still very good looking. You can judge it by yourself here :

JackHawksworthIL2013 (1)JackHawksworthIL2013 (2)JackHawksworthIL2013 (3)JackHawksworthIL2013 (4)JackHawksworthIL2013 (5)

The download link can be found here :!otFT0bAZ!ggmz5Kkm30tYEwZhtIqKk67CPvvrbTMUEuz-EQaUhKw .

As usual, merge the folder with the one already in the game, and have fun !

rFactor Indy Lights skin : Stefan Wilson (Andretti Autosport).

Hello followers, after a very long time without anything, I’m coming back today after my holidays with a new skin, once again for the Indy Lights series. This one is Stefan Wilson’s 2011 livery, when Justin Wilson’s younger brother was racing with Andretti Autosport. His main achievement was in May this year at the 100th running of the Indy 500, in which he raced for his tragically dead brother. I really like the colours of his car, even if there’s a poor number of sponsors. I hope you will like it, and to help it here are some screenshots :

StefanWilsonIL2011 (1)StefanWilsonIL2011 (2)StefanWilsonIL2011 (3)StefanWilsonIL2011 (4)

If you are convinced, you can download my skin here :!opEXGbiA!agLOm05gwBnsRj20afX6NVRaZPaQMLjf3p9_BGKgZ9s .

The archive file will create an « Andretti Autosport » folder once created, and you have to put it in the usual destination. Thanks for always following !