rFactor skin : AKF Motorsport 2015 (Renault Megane Trophy).

Hello, after a bit of time (just three days) since my last post, I bring you today another skin for the Megane Trophy. This one is a bit special, as I’ve already seen this livery many times, three to be accurate, and all at Spa-Francorchamps. The first time was the 2013 Eurocup Megane Trophy meeting. The second was during the Euro Series by Nove Race in 2015, and that’s the skin I made. The last was just two days ago, during the Spa Euro Race (Supercar Challenge). The driver is the German Oliver Freymuth, who is not necessarily the fastest, but reliable enough for finishing second in Euro Series by Nova Race in 2015, with two race wins. The colours are absolutely not difficult to reproduce, but I find them good, here are some screenshots for you :

Freymuth2015 (4)Freymuth2015 (3)Freymuth2015 (2)Freymuth2015 (1)

If you like this skin, you can find it here :  https://mega.nz/#!RtEXlZSC!FGZPTlsH0iZQ78iEeM035zq908ZR3eX4HQXOrmVS-4g .

I will try to release another one soon, but I still need some informations to finish it, so…stay tuned !


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