rFactor skin : Delahaye Racing Team 2009 (Renault Megane Trophy).

Hello dear followers, I continued on the way on which I was, as I’m bringing a third skin for the Renault Megane Trophy. It is once again Delahaye Racing Team’s car, but from the year 2009 with the pair Bouvy-Kelders, crowned three times in a row between 2008 and 2010. Maybe have you already seen those colours, mainly red but with some black and yellow, to form the Belgian flag. I think this skin looks really great, but the only problem is a logo that is once again quite pixelated (I couldn’t do anything). You can make your own judgment after seeing the following screenshots :

Delahaye2009 (1)Delahaye2009 (2)Delahaye2009 (3)Delahaye2009 (4)

If you like this skin (as I hope you do for the others), you can download it after cicking here :  https://mega.nz/#!EpcxnZCb!oqwSxSBYLLXn8lHVmbAuUB2HLOH5TqMzaqD9Ut2z1Zg .

You have to merge the two “Delahaye Racing Team” folders if you have downloaded the first skin previously. I will now probably make some skins of the Renault Megane Trophy Eurocup, but I could still come back to the BTCS, as there is at least one more skin to make.


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