rFactor skin : Delahaye Racing Team 2011 (Renault Megane Trophy).

Hi, I’m back today with a totally new skin ! I promised you a change of register, and here it is. I hesitated between two types of cars, as I told you. And I finally chose the super-touring car. I’ve always been attracted by the Silhouette cars, those who have a light bodywork on a light tubular chassis, with a powerful engine. This Renault Megane V6 Trophy is one of these. As some Eurocup skins were already made by others, I decided to come back in 2011, with the BTCS (Belgian Touring Car Championship). The Delahaye Racing Team (I known the team for their Red Bull Corvette GT3) engaged several cars that year, and this one finished third in the standings, driven by Stéphane Lémeret and Edouard Mondron. The mod is quite difficult to use in terms of skins, but I think it is the best the Megane Trophy for many reasons : very nice 3D model and sounds, well-known modding team, more believable damages,…Maybe the physics are just a bit slow, but I’m not even sure. Here are some screenshots :

DelahayeBTCS2011-2 (1)DelahayeBTCS2011-2 (2)DelahayeBTCS2011 (2)DelahayeBTCS2011 (1)

The link for the mod (which is still a beta, but a good beta for me) : http://www.mediafire.com/download/2m24m11amweu1if/MMG_2010_Megane_Openbeta_v0.2.0.rar .

And, obviously, the link for my skin, without it would be useless :  https://mega.nz/#!N0EVFAbL!L5reT39daA3SPOa4bTfTm95omzTiA6hTpZ29qLy2Nq8 .

If you like this skin, it’s gonna be cool for you, as some others will come. I am still thinking to alternate with another car, tell me what you think of it. Just think to put the « Delahaye Racing Team » folder into GameData/Vehicles/MMG/GT/Megane/2010_Season/Megane_Trophy_Teams.


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