rFactor Indy Lights skin : Jean-Karl Vernay (Schmidt Peterson Motorsports).

It’s me, one more time ! I’m on fire these days, that’s why I’m « offering » you today the last skin of my Indy Lights collection. After 2014 (Chaves), 2013 (Karam), 2012 (Vautier) and 2011 (Newgarden), it’s now the turn of Jean-Karl Vernay, the French who was racing with the most winning team of the recent years in Indy Lights, that’s to say Schmidt Motorsports, in case you have not understood.  The colours radically changed between 2010 and 2011, that’s why I think this skin is quite interesting. I’m just sorry for one logo on both sides, which is completely pixelated. It’s not very good-looking, but I couldn’t find another one…

JeanKarlVernayIL2010 (1)JeanKarlVernayIL2010 (2)JeanKarlVernayIL2010 (3)JeanKarlVernayIL2010 (4)

I hope you’ll like it nevertheless, and if yes you can find it here :  https://mega.nz/#!w80jyRaB!SY3jsDgkoTKJPBGfC7vXmHAlKrWh8SFU8SttOKKB13g .

It is the end with the Indy Lights Championship for the moment, I’m gonna switch to something else as I told you in a previous post. You have an idea of what it can be, but I let you have the surprise !


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