rFactor skin : AKF Motorsport 2015 (Renault Megane Trophy).

Hello, after a bit of time (just three days) since my last post, I bring you today another skin for the Megane Trophy. This one is a bit special, as I’ve already seen this livery many times, three to be accurate, and all at Spa-Francorchamps. The first time was the 2013 Eurocup Megane Trophy meeting. The second was during the Euro Series by Nove Race in 2015, and that’s the skin I made. The last was just two days ago, during the Spa Euro Race (Supercar Challenge). The driver is the German Oliver Freymuth, who is not necessarily the fastest, but reliable enough for finishing second in Euro Series by Nova Race in 2015, with two race wins. The colours are absolutely not difficult to reproduce, but I find them good, here are some screenshots for you :

Freymuth2015 (4)Freymuth2015 (3)Freymuth2015 (2)Freymuth2015 (1)

If you like this skin, you can find it here :  https://mega.nz/#!RtEXlZSC!FGZPTlsH0iZQ78iEeM035zq908ZR3eX4HQXOrmVS-4g .

I will try to release another one soon, but I still need some informations to finish it, so…stay tuned !


rFactor skin : Delahaye Racing Team 2009 (Renault Megane Trophy).

Hello dear followers, I continued on the way on which I was, as I’m bringing a third skin for the Renault Megane Trophy. It is once again Delahaye Racing Team’s car, but from the year 2009 with the pair Bouvy-Kelders, crowned three times in a row between 2008 and 2010. Maybe have you already seen those colours, mainly red but with some black and yellow, to form the Belgian flag. I think this skin looks really great, but the only problem is a logo that is once again quite pixelated (I couldn’t do anything). You can make your own judgment after seeing the following screenshots :

Delahaye2009 (1)Delahaye2009 (2)Delahaye2009 (3)Delahaye2009 (4)

If you like this skin (as I hope you do for the others), you can download it after cicking here :  https://mega.nz/#!EpcxnZCb!oqwSxSBYLLXn8lHVmbAuUB2HLOH5TqMzaqD9Ut2z1Zg .

You have to merge the two « Delahaye Racing Team » folders if you have downloaded the first skin previously. I will now probably make some skins of the Renault Megane Trophy Eurocup, but I could still come back to the BTCS, as there is at least one more skin to make.

rFactor skin : Exagon Enginnering 2011 (Renault Megane Trophy).

Less than 24 hours after the last, I am back to give you a new skin that I quickly made yesterday evening. Indeed, I saw this car and thought that it would be one more, which wouldn’t require too much work. This is Exagon Engineering’s Megane Trophy from the 2011 12 Hours of Spa, main race of the BTCS championship. The team is known for having engaged some cars in the FIA WTCC, but also for having built an electric car. Even if the colours are absolutely simple (you will see it just after), I hope you’ll appreciate my work.

Exagon2011 (1)Exagon2011 (2)Exagon2011 (3)Exagon2011 (4)

You can download this skin here :  https://mega.nz/#!QtVBiS7I!ZNv-WUxVDPZM_J_MwIeKSnf7vcGAg-gMGkPaL5KgUVU . I think I will do at least three other skins for this car, and now you’re sure I will not alternate with another one.

To install the files, paste the « Exagon Engineering » folder in the same location than for the previous. Thanks for helping me to reach the 3000+ visitors mark !


rFactor skin : Delahaye Racing Team 2011 (Renault Megane Trophy).

Hi, I’m back today with a totally new skin ! I promised you a change of register, and here it is. I hesitated between two types of cars, as I told you. And I finally chose the super-touring car. I’ve always been attracted by the Silhouette cars, those who have a light bodywork on a light tubular chassis, with a powerful engine. This Renault Megane V6 Trophy is one of these. As some Eurocup skins were already made by others, I decided to come back in 2011, with the BTCS (Belgian Touring Car Championship). The Delahaye Racing Team (I known the team for their Red Bull Corvette GT3) engaged several cars that year, and this one finished third in the standings, driven by Stéphane Lémeret and Edouard Mondron. The mod is quite difficult to use in terms of skins, but I think it is the best the Megane Trophy for many reasons : very nice 3D model and sounds, well-known modding team, more believable damages,…Maybe the physics are just a bit slow, but I’m not even sure. Here are some screenshots :

DelahayeBTCS2011-2 (1)DelahayeBTCS2011-2 (2)DelahayeBTCS2011 (2)DelahayeBTCS2011 (1)

The link for the mod (which is still a beta, but a good beta for me) : http://www.mediafire.com/download/2m24m11amweu1if/MMG_2010_Megane_Openbeta_v0.2.0.rar .

And, obviously, the link for my skin, without it would be useless :  https://mega.nz/#!N0EVFAbL!L5reT39daA3SPOa4bTfTm95omzTiA6hTpZ29qLy2Nq8 .

If you like this skin, it’s gonna be cool for you, as some others will come. I am still thinking to alternate with another car, tell me what you think of it. Just think to put the « Delahaye Racing Team » folder into GameData/Vehicles/MMG/GT/Megane/2010_Season/Megane_Trophy_Teams.

rFactor Indy Lights skin : Jean-Karl Vernay (Schmidt Peterson Motorsports).

It’s me, one more time ! I’m on fire these days, that’s why I’m « offering » you today the last skin of my Indy Lights collection. After 2014 (Chaves), 2013 (Karam), 2012 (Vautier) and 2011 (Newgarden), it’s now the turn of Jean-Karl Vernay, the French who was racing with the most winning team of the recent years in Indy Lights, that’s to say Schmidt Motorsports, in case you have not understood.  The colours radically changed between 2010 and 2011, that’s why I think this skin is quite interesting. I’m just sorry for one logo on both sides, which is completely pixelated. It’s not very good-looking, but I couldn’t find another one…

JeanKarlVernayIL2010 (1)JeanKarlVernayIL2010 (2)JeanKarlVernayIL2010 (3)JeanKarlVernayIL2010 (4)

I hope you’ll like it nevertheless, and if yes you can find it here :  https://mega.nz/#!w80jyRaB!SY3jsDgkoTKJPBGfC7vXmHAlKrWh8SFU8SttOKKB13g .

It is the end with the Indy Lights Championship for the moment, I’m gonna switch to something else as I told you in a previous post. You have an idea of what it can be, but I let you have the surprise !

rFactor Indy Lights skin : Josef Newgarden (Schmidt Peterson Motorsports).

Hello guys ! Today, I’m happy to show you the penultimate Indy Lights skin that I have planned to do for the moment.  This time, we’re coming back to 2011, with the American driver Josef Newgarden, who got crowned once again with Schmidt Peterson Motorsports (I know it was called Sam Schmidt Motorsports, but that is quite the same team, it’s easier to make the link). This talented young driver is now the « leader » of the Ed Carpenter Racing in Indycar Series, with none less than two wins last year.The colours are based on Vautier 2012’s livery, with different sponsors. You can judge by yourself right here :

JosefNewgardenIL2011 (1)JosefNewgardenIL2011 (2)JosefNewgardenIL2011 (3)JosefNewgardenIL2011 (4)

If you are interested, the download link is the following :  https://mega.nz/#!YwUCwAwT!7SNa_3SydD7qOvj3OLgmOQZfniekVcBg8KVnFXZFnPg . The folder is still the same, merge it once again to allow you to see this skin.

I will try to make the last as quickly as possible, so what I can change register. Thanks for your comments, and see you soon here !