[IMPORTANT] rFactor Indy Lights skin : Tristan Vautier (Schmidt Peterson Motorsports) + a lot to talk about.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy to write another post today, with some very important content. Indeed, I have a skin to present you, but I also want to talk about the future of my website in terms of skins, tracks, and maybe cars.

1. New skin : Tristan Vautier (SPM).

I begin with the skin I just finished today. It is obviously still one of the Indy Lights Champions’ skins, and after 2014 and 2013, it is logically Tristan Vautier’s livery, as he got crowned in 2012. He won the title with Schmidt Peterson Motorsports as a rookie (by the way congratulations to Alexander Rossi at the Indianapolis 500). After that, he raced in 2013 with the same team in Indycar Series, and returned for half a  year in 2015 with Dale Coyne Racing. The colours are this time more various, but with still so many sponsors, it was complicated for me again. The usual screenshots are right here :

TristanVautierIL2012 (5)TristanVautierIL2012 (4)TristanVautierIL2012 (3)TristanVautierIL2012 (2)

If you are happy with my job, you can get it here :  https://mega.nz/#!MpsUHDZK!8bgYYfK5-g-xfxiiTOJ8HD7SptIRctU42s2a_MgT7wk .

The folder you will get in the file is the same as the one you had to create earlier for Karam’s skin, just paste it in the same location merge them if needed.

2. Skins in the next months.

After the presentation of my last skin, I want to talk about those that I’m going to make in the next few months. Obviously, I still have two Indy Lights skins to paint, the 2011 and 2010 Champions’ liveries. A little spoil, the first is American and the second is French… I will maybe (even certainly) make some others from Indycar stars that haven’t been crowned, but this will have to wait. Indeed, I have some other projects.

The first could be quite fast, as it is the reproduction of liveries coming from a local touring car championship, and just for one car in particular, as the others does not seem to exist in rFactor. I predict six skins for the moment.

After a touring car, I could also make a super touring car, that was racing until 2013 in a monotype championship. I think the seasons 2009, 2010 and 2012 are already made, so I can make some of 2011 and 2013, I still have to decide. I can also make a skin from the older car.

Another idea is a second monotype championship, raced mostly in Europe, with an important championship in Belgium and the Benelux. It was created in 1997, and has seen a lot of drivers, as it is cheap and quite performant. I do not say more, maybe have you recognized it. The main problem for the moment is that the existing mod for this car does not allow me to make correct skins.

I do not forget Richard Burns Rally, but I put it a bit behind me for the moment. I met a real driver, and promised him to try to do his own livery, I think I will do this at the end of June, if I still have enough time.

I could also make some GT skins, but I do not have any precise idea of what for the moment. Of course, if you have any request, do not hesitate to tell me, as some others did (it makes me remember I’ve got a F3000 skin to do).

3. Tracks (some Work In Progress).

I can say that I am more a painter than a track builder, but almost one year after the release of my first track, I still have some ideas and a little bit of time for it. But I am a bit confused, as I have not given any information about it for a long time. The bad news is that the « Goodyear Test Track Colmar-Berg » project (https://f14tmodding.wordpress.com/2016/03/07/w-i-p-goodyear-test-track-colmar-berg/) is unfortunately « dead », as the software crashed and I couldn’t recover it. I forgot to tell you, and I’m sorry.

But what is better is that I began a new one, with much more care than before. I can already tell you that it’s not a kart track, even if a little one. I’m not that far in this project, so I will not say too much for the moment. When it will be interesting enough, do not worry I’ll post about it.

4. Various things

What could I say here ? I will obviously not make something different from modding here. I have already talked about skins and tracks, so you would have understood that it is time to talk about cars. I said in my very first post that I would probably never design cars for any game. But it may have changed.

I would prefer not to « loose » time on it, but if I can’t really find a car I appreciate (for exemple a better version of one mod I described higher), I could try to do it myself. I have all the softwares that I could need, I just have to try. The most difficult could be to find good blueprints without paying, as I’m not rich and I don’t wish to make you pay my stuff. I know the structure of rFactor quite well, and with a lot of readings, it could work. But of course, I won’t make it for the moment.

I am also thinking of changing the look of the website a little bit, what do you think ?

I can also say that if everybody is interested in working on such projects (skins, tracks, cars or whatever),  you can easily send me a comment or an email, I try to answer as quickly as possible. That’s all I had to say, I hope you read me until the end. Thanks again for being interested in my website !


2 commentaires sur “[IMPORTANT] rFactor Indy Lights skin : Tristan Vautier (Schmidt Peterson Motorsports) + a lot to talk about.

  1. Thank you for your wonderful work!!!
    I just want to know if you’re still working on the 2015 Euro F3 skins 😀 I’ve been waiting for the skin pack to be released 😀


    • Thanks for your comment. I stopped working on the F3 2015 skins, as the mod is not very good to be honest. I know that a modding team made a much better model, with all the 2014 skins. I suppose they will maybe release all those of 2015 too. I could make them if they do not, but I don’t have any template. I have other projects for the moment, so if I ever find one, it will have to wait.


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