Richard Burns Rally skin : Cédric Cherain (Citroën DS3 R5).

Good evening everybody, I’m pleased to write another post, for another new skin for RBR. This time, I continued with the Citroën DS3 R5, for another great Belgian driver, that’s to say Cédric Cherain. The Walloon driver won last year two very famous races, the « Rallye de Wallonie » and the « Rallye du Condroz », finishing fifth in the overall ranking. This livery is quite special, because it is the one with which he was training for the East Belgian Rally, so there isn’t any number plate. I hope you will like it anyway, as I do even if the colours are a bit « flashy »…


I know, I forgot the extra lights while testing the skin, but it doesn’t change that much…  You can download the skin as usual here :!d0EBHQyB!C_FCtC-IdHSgWYrg2D1bUqltVmTgWiue_vKkmUy0HEM . See you soon on my website !


Richard Burns Rally skin : Vincent Verschueren (Citroën DS3 R5).

Hello dear fans, I am working hard those days, and I come back with a third skin for Richard Burns Rally’s RSRBR. This one is another R5 car, the DS3 that was raced by the Belgian driver Vincent Verschueren last year. This driver is now quite experimented and constant, that’s why he was third in the championship last year, without any win but because of many podiums. This skin wasn’t has hard as Princen’s one was, but I think it looks great. The good thing is that Verschueren’s 2014 skin was almost the same (same lines and sponsors but different colours), that’s why I will probably make it later. Here you have some screenshots :


If you are interested by this skin, you can easily download it here :!V9kACDLI!ovuQX5SWQxLWVpLC7Ir2gW3hoQRzIRcPNkJ0AOlGBlg . I hope you will continue to follow me, there are still many other things to come on this website. See you soon !