Richard Burns Rally skin : Kris Princen (Peugeot 208 R5).

Good evening, as I said it in my last post I am coming back to you again, as I just finished another skin. You know that I am working on Belgian drivers’s skin (wishing the best to Stoffel Vandoorne by the way), this is  why the driver I’ve now chosen is a former Belgian Championship winner. Indeed, Kris Princen was crowned champion in 1999, but is still running, and quickly, as he’s won  15 national competitions. In 2015, he was running with a new Peugeot 208 R5, with a fabulous livery I think. I just saw that this one has already been made before by someone else, but it’s not the absolutely the same…I give you some screenshots right here :


You can download the auto-extracting skin here :!ckUlmCxJ!dzWnoibkyHkxDTNbijrRdcLWcvnmHth4re537H97Qws . I hope you will lile it, and do not hesitate to comment !



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