[W.I.P.] Goodyear Test Track (Colmar-Berg)

Hello everybody !!! I know it’s been a long time since I made my last post here, but I’m back now ! I have been working a lot on tracks and skins, but didn’t want to show anything before it was good enough. So, the first project I will present you is the Goodyear Test Track, located in Colmar-Berg, Luwembourg. As its name suggests it, it is used by the tyre manufacturer Goodyear to test their new products. But it is also sometimes used for racing. In 2016, it will host two quite important championships, that’s to say the TCR Benelux and the VW Fun Cup. The track is approximately 2.9 kilometers long in his short version (the one used for racing), and has a very long main straight as main feature. Here are some screenshots of what it looks like :

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

And in addition, I offer a video I made, running on the track, just here

Obviously, the track is far from finished, thats why I need you to make me reach even higher. I will try to give you as many news as possible, do not forget to follow cause there’s more to come !!!



6 commentaires sur “[W.I.P.] Goodyear Test Track (Colmar-Berg)

  1. I’d like to try the track already, is it available for download? I will be testing a TCR car soon on the real track and like to prepare before the test. After the test i can provide some real data if it helps you with the build.


    • Hello, unfortunately the project is stopped because of a software problem, an I do not want to restart it. So, there is no way to make it available for you, even with just what I had made before. I wanted to talk about it earlier, as it is over since the end of March, but I will write a long post about what’s coming on here next week. I would have loved to help you, but I can’t, sorry. Good luck for your test.


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