Richard Burns Rally skin : Kris Princen (Peugeot 208 R5).

Good evening, as I said it in my last post I am coming back to you again, as I just finished another skin. You know that I am working on Belgian drivers’s skin (wishing the best to Stoffel Vandoorne by the way), this is  why the driver I’ve now chosen is a former Belgian Championship winner. Indeed, Kris Princen was crowned champion in 1999, but is still running, and quickly, as he’s won  15 national competitions. In 2015, he was running with a new Peugeot 208 R5, with a fabulous livery I think. I just saw that this one has already been made before by someone else, but it’s not the absolutely the same…I give you some screenshots right here :


You can download the auto-extracting skin here :!ckUlmCxJ!dzWnoibkyHkxDTNbijrRdcLWcvnmHth4re537H97Qws . I hope you will lile it, and do not hesitate to comment !



Richard Burns Rally skin : Thierry Neuville (Citroën C2 R2 Max).

Hello dear fans, today is a new step in my « modding career », because I have decided to make some skins for the very well-known rally game Richard Burns Rally, and his mod RSRBR. I am going to start to compete with Rallyesim in the Belgian Rally Championship, with a car that is easy to drive, that’s to say the Citroën C2 R2 Max. And for this, I wanted to make a new skin. I chose my compatriot Thierry Neuville, who began in J-WRC in 2010 with this car. This is the livery he had for the 2010 Bulgaria Rally. He’s not a beginner, but the 2013 World Rally Championship runner-up, and the 2014 ADAC Rally Deutschland winner. Here is one screenshot :


You can download the executable file here :!94cGVSYB!cOb4r5NUE4k0coV9jMrmPB-arzLJRZr389dhCyCcGeA . I  hope you will like it, it’s certainly not the only one I will make, so stay tuned !

Formula Atlantic skin : Ryan Dalziel.

Hello, I’m coming back again with another skin. This time, I wanted to make something different and quite unknown in Europe, that’s to say the former Toyota Atlantics Championship, which was what Indy Lights is to Indycar or GP2 to Formula One. At the beginning of the 2000s, many good drivers raced in it, and I begin with Ryan Dalziel in 2004, for the Sierra Sierra Racing . The Scottish driver raced in ChampCar, GrandAm (also United Sportscar) Championship and many others. It took me quite a lot of time to finish it, as I had to « learn » the templates, but I think it is quite satisfying. Here are some screenshots as usual :


If you like it, you can download the skin here :!QwNmlCAQ!00ym-x-Wro2wlR4cIbIIBYQYHJgVCw8j7TKLGrAVjtk . You have to put it in Vehicles/Toyota Atlantic/All Teams.

If you haven’t installed the mod, you can find it here :!I00iDZiY!zcOmyOyK4URSUo_fKH4K6t4W86oOvYMPsH-okak4HnQ  . Have fun !

6 Horas Nürburgring 2016 : skin

Hello dear fans, today I’m presenting you the skin with which I will race today in an endurance race on the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife. This race will last 6 hours, and is organized by the spanish league Gamer-Hosting. Obviously, I won’t be alone, so I will be joined by another racer called (or rather nicknamed) [LCC]Eric, for the LCC Simracing team. We do not plan to race for the win, far of it, but we want to finish and this will already make us very happy. As you will maybe recognize it, the skin is an adaptation of the livery from the Panoz Abruzzi during the 2011 12 Hours of Sebring.


I hope you like this livery, and if yes I will upload for you only a public version of the skin. Do not hesitate to push behind us for this race, we need you !

German Formula Three skins.

Hello again, I’m presenting you new the few skins I have made for an event with my league. We were racing on February 27th on Adria International Raceway with the German F3 2010 mod. As we authorized personal skins, I decided to make some, here are those  I’m talking about :

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I hope you like it, and if yes, just leave a comment and I’ll update them to make you able to download, as I don’t want to give the personal versions with the names and numbers. Have a nice day !

[W.I.P.] Goodyear Test Track (Colmar-Berg)

Hello everybody !!! I know it’s been a long time since I made my last post here, but I’m back now ! I have been working a lot on tracks and skins, but didn’t want to show anything before it was good enough. So, the first project I will present you is the Goodyear Test Track, located in Colmar-Berg, Luwembourg. As its name suggests it, it is used by the tyre manufacturer Goodyear to test their new products. But it is also sometimes used for racing. In 2016, it will host two quite important championships, that’s to say the TCR Benelux and the VW Fun Cup. The track is approximately 2.9 kilometers long in his short version (the one used for racing), and has a very long main straight as main feature. Here are some screenshots of what it looks like :

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And in addition, I offer a video I made, running on the track, just here

Obviously, the track is far from finished, thats why I need you to make me reach even higher. I will try to give you as many news as possible, do not forget to follow cause there’s more to come !!!