[W.I.P.] Free Kart 88

Hello dear fans, after a long wait (maybe) for you, I come back with some huge news. Indeed, I am presenting today my third track in progress for rFactor. After a request, I decided to make one more kart track, but a more serious one. It is the Free Kart 88 located in Juvaincourt, France. It hosts national races and has a very good reputation. The track is 1267 metres long and 8 metres wide, so you can race with many others on (24 for the moment and I think it will be 30 at the end). The track is quite easy (it can never be easy to design), but what is harder is once again the outside of the track, with four buildings to make (and the first is only in progress). There is a dirt track near the one I make, but I don’t wish to include it in (just to make you able to see it). Here are the first screenshots I can offer you :








Of course, you can see that the buildings I put are fake, it is just to have an idea of how I need to place the objects beside it. I don’t think there’s a lot more to say, so I hope you’ll stay tuned because it should be an interesting track once finished.