Karting de Bouillon released !!!!!

Hello dear followers, I’m very happy to announce you that my second track for rFactor is available now ! As I told in my last newsletter, it didn’t take me too much time to end this quite difficult track. You’ll maybe tell me that there can’t be an easier track to design, but what’s beside is really tricky, so it’s a big relief for me to see it finished. I won’t be able to make a video for the moment, but please do not cry yet it will come. And I won’t give any screenshots anymore because I haven’t changed a lot since the las time. For information, the track « weighs » 29 Mb, I think it’s not that much if you look at the number of objects I placed on it. I haven’t experienced any big troubles while testing, except maybe after a hit at the faster part of the track (it can destroy your kart but isn’t because of the track I think). Except that, there can be some graphical problems while seeing some trees on a secondary road, but you have to be near it and this is not adviced if you don’t want to get disqualified by the game. Nevertheless, there is no better beta tester than the real players, so I ask you to tell me if you find something bad. Once again, I prefer this track to be used online, but I managed to make the A.I. fast enough not to make any try of offline race fail (they can still be stupid because of the mod you use).

You can download it here : https://mega.nz/#!h1t0lTSR!GIK4h8epEXf2YOIOcarr5hoecrK9zVXO59isyVpGwYQ

Thanks a lot for your patience !


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