[W.I.P.] Karting de Bouillon : that’s almost it !

Hello everybody, today I’m coming with something quite big, because I can now say that my track currently in progress is almost in its last development phase. I’ve made the last of the two buildings this tuesday, after a long time of hesitation about it, and all’s unblocked because of it. Of course, there are still some trees, barriers, kerbs,… to put but that won’t be as long as all I’ve already made. In addition, I’ve already begun to make some beta testing, so who knows maybe will you get it in your « hands » next week…I help you wait with those screenshots (I must precise that these are BTB screenshots, it looks much better in the game) :

KartingBouillon7 KartingBouillon8 KartingBouillon9 KartingBouillon10 KartingBouillon11 KartingBouillon12

I hope it will make you want to know what will be following !


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