F3000 skin : Mario Haberfeld (Super Nova Racing)

Of course !!! Wasn’t it absolutely obvious for me to be back with Webber’s teammate ? So now, you have here Mario Haberfeld’s livery. The Brasilian driver raced in F3000 from 1999 to 2002 with a best result of 7th in the championship in 2002 with two podiums. Obviously, the livery is almost the same as the previous one, except for the numbers and names. But if you want to play the game of finding every difference, here are the screenshots I made of it :



If you are interested in completing your collection, you’ll have to click on this : https://mega.nz/#!1oMShSwZ!b-z7vbd-536YMN4oyZPweZcE1rMNWDF6LMN1a5gYVAg

This is the last one for today, but I’m already thinking on the next skins to come !


F3000 skin : Mark Webber (Super Nova Racing)

Hello again ! I think I didn’t lie to you when I said that some other teams would be coming soon, because now I’m bringing you the 2000 F3000 Teams Champion, Super Nova Racing. Their number one driver was nothing less than the 9-times Formula One race winner Mark Webber, who finished second that year. You’ll see that the skin is quite…colourful !





I hope you’ll like it anyway, so if you do you can download it there : https://mega.nz/#!dpEjAJyL!TM6xXrWoRdl32b7RQJAbMbW_nhjOGvLoIgb9KK1E6EI

F3000 skin : Tomas Enge (Coca-Cola Nordic Racing)

Hello all ! If you read my last post, you’ll quickly  understand that I decided to make some other skins of the 2001 Formula 3000 Intercontinental Championship. And after Justin Wilson, there’s nothing more logical than his teammate Tomas Enge. There’s not a lot to say, so let’s go for the screenshots :




But now, please read the following CAREFULLY : I had made a mistake with Justin Wilson’s skin (released too early, there were some missing details). So you will have to download this new skin and a fix for the other in an only rar file. This means you’ll have to delete the previously downloaded file. Sorry for the disagreement.

Link for the download : https://mega.nz/#!kokymaQD!F7VqvQY5nW-eKV98zpOaj3PMBQinXfAu0pCib4lp9Pk

Have fun, other teams are coming soon !

F3000 skin : Justin Wilson (Coca-Cola Nordic Racing)

Hello everybody, it’s been a long time again since I released my last skin. That’s why I’m coming back today with a very important skin for me. As you maybe know it, the former F3000 champion and Formula One driver Justin Wilson died at August 24th after a huge crash during the Indycar race at Pocono Raceway the day before. Since this, I wanted to make a tribute skin as I had made for Jules Bianchi, but it’s been hard to find inspiration. I finally found the 1999 mod for the F3000 championship in which he was crowned champion in 2001 with the same car and for the Coca-Cola Nordic Racing. The mod is Formula 3000 v1.3 by Slimjin. Here you have screenshots of the skin :





You can download the mod here : https://mega.nz/#!tglRUBgJ!OV9bhx47IGn3Nal8greEQHqEm0dO679ijIfrxsSJtYs

And the skin is here : https://mega.nz/#!ppN0xJYA!RUfPaTDIINEI6Rf6ciqU2igHijdCc16-kTUmuhOWgqY

I hope you’ll like it, I’m not absolutely sure if I’ll make others but this could be interesting.

#BadAssWilson #RIPJustin

Karting de Bouillon released !!!!!

Hello dear followers, I’m very happy to announce you that my second track for rFactor is available now ! As I told in my last newsletter, it didn’t take me too much time to end this quite difficult track. You’ll maybe tell me that there can’t be an easier track to design, but what’s beside is really tricky, so it’s a big relief for me to see it finished. I won’t be able to make a video for the moment, but please do not cry yet it will come. And I won’t give any screenshots anymore because I haven’t changed a lot since the las time. For information, the track « weighs » 29 Mb, I think it’s not that much if you look at the number of objects I placed on it. I haven’t experienced any big troubles while testing, except maybe after a hit at the faster part of the track (it can destroy your kart but isn’t because of the track I think). Except that, there can be some graphical problems while seeing some trees on a secondary road, but you have to be near it and this is not adviced if you don’t want to get disqualified by the game. Nevertheless, there is no better beta tester than the real players, so I ask you to tell me if you find something bad. Once again, I prefer this track to be used online, but I managed to make the A.I. fast enough not to make any try of offline race fail (they can still be stupid because of the mod you use).

You can download it here : https://mega.nz/#!h1t0lTSR!GIK4h8epEXf2YOIOcarr5hoecrK9zVXO59isyVpGwYQ

Thanks a lot for your patience !

[W.I.P.] Karting de Bouillon : that’s almost it !

Hello everybody, today I’m coming with something quite big, because I can now say that my track currently in progress is almost in its last development phase. I’ve made the last of the two buildings this tuesday, after a long time of hesitation about it, and all’s unblocked because of it. Of course, there are still some trees, barriers, kerbs,… to put but that won’t be as long as all I’ve already made. In addition, I’ve already begun to make some beta testing, so who knows maybe will you get it in your « hands » next week…I help you wait with those screenshots (I must precise that these are BTB screenshots, it looks much better in the game) :

KartingBouillon7 KartingBouillon8 KartingBouillon9 KartingBouillon10 KartingBouillon11 KartingBouillon12

I hope it will make you want to know what will be following !

Formula Renault 2.0 skin : Fortec Motorsports (Kevin Kleveros)

Hello everybody, after all the skins I designed for the championship in which I compete, I’m coming back today with my fourth skin for the Formula Renault Eurocup 2009 season. It is the livery of the Fortec Motorsports team for the Swedish driver Kevin Kleveros. He isn’t well known, but he was the only driver of the team to have made the entire season. It wasn’t really too hard, so the only explanation for the lack of « downloadable » skins during the month of September is that I didn’t have enough time.





I hope you’ll like it of course, and you won’t be able without the link :

https://mega.nz/#!Bk9WBTTD!NILKrDn1AuyCSCGo9uds1sPQd3QawhRu_PZQJFXqN0k .

Please continue to show me your support !

P.S. : for those interested, I finished 17th twice for the 2nd meeting of the championship that took place at Nogaro, France, for a double sprint races event. I can also say I ended one of the two buildings for my track that is W.I.P., but I don’t know when I’ll be able to end the second…