Autumn GT Series 2015 skin : LccSimRacing – [LCC]Marc & [LCC]Faburne

For the third time of the day, I greet you and give you a skin that I made, of course still for the same couple of events. This time, it is still a Porsche, but not the 997 RSR anymore. It is the “older” 996 RSR that I painted for the team LccSimRacing. The team has two drivers (like all others competing in the Team’s championship). Those drivers are called [LCC]Marc and [LCC]Faburne. I hope you’ll enjoy those historic colours (I know that smoking is bad for the health and I am not making any advertising).

Car n°5 : Porsche 996 RSR, LccSimRacing, [LCC]Marc





Car n°42 : Porsche 996 RSR, LccSimRacing, [LCC]Faburne





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