Autumn GT Series 2015 skin : LccSimRacing – [LCC]Marc & [LCC]Faburne

For the third time of the day, I greet you and give you a skin that I made, of course still for the same couple of events. This time, it is still a Porsche, but not the 997 RSR anymore. It is the « older » 996 RSR that I painted for the team LccSimRacing. The team has two drivers (like all others competing in the Team’s championship). Those drivers are called [LCC]Marc and [LCC]Faburne. I hope you’ll enjoy those historic colours (I know that smoking is bad for the health and I am not making any advertising).

Car n°5 : Porsche 996 RSR, LccSimRacing, [LCC]Marc





Car n°42 : Porsche 996 RSR, LccSimRacing, [LCC]Faburne





Autumn GT Series 2015 skin : France Motorsport – [LCC]0cool

Hello again (maybe not for the last time), here is now the second skin of the championship that I made. I made it for a great mate nicknamed 0cool. He is racing for the team France Motorsport with a Porsche 997 RSR. The good thing about this livery is that he is his own sponsor. I hope you’ll like it , and if you do and want something that looks like that, you know how to join me.

Car n°19 : Porsche 997 RSR, France Motorsport, [LCC]0cool





Autumn GT Series 2015 skin : LCC Team Spyker – [LCC]f14t.

Hello everybody, after a very long time without any news from myself, I come back with a few new skins for the Enduracers Endurance Series SP3 mod. The four liveries upcoming are some I designed for an online championship on the league called « Les Casse Cou Simracing » which has launched a GT2 Championship with 6 races from September 19th to December 19th. I am participating in this competition, and that’s why the first skin I present you is mine. I am member of the « LCC Team Spyker » (guess what car it is…) and my colours are the black, yellow and red like my homecountry’s flag. Here are some pictures :

Car n°17 : Spyker C8 GT2R, LCC Team Spyker, [LCC]f14t





I have to tell that all the skins I will show in the near future will not be available to download, because they are absolutely private and reserved for the races. But this is a way for me to say again that if you have any request, do not hesitate to contact me. I can reproduce real liveries but I can also create some like this one. Thanks for your patience and see you soon !

Formula Renault 2.0 skin : Epsilon Formula (Luciano Bacheta).

Surprise ! Today there is not just one, there are two skins that I offer you ! This one comes from the livery with which the British driver Luciano Bacheta raced in 2009. The highlights of his career were obviously the title he won in 2012 in the FIA Formula Two Championship. To be honest, I made that one in just a few hours before making something more difficult. I hope you’ll like it anyway, and here comes the screens to convince you :




As usual, you can download it here :!Y0VjFbwC!xobSWKklhXSe1G_QJeqvp9dHTebujWNmBm-TgqTvtAI

Have a nice day !

Formula Renault 2.0 skin : Epsilon Euskadi (Nathanaël Berthon).

Hello, as I told you in my last post I come back today with another skin from the Epsilon Euskadi team. It is the livery of the French driver Nathanaël Berthon that finished 6th in the championship with 67 points. He began the 2015 GP2 season with Lazarus but now seems to be one of the driver of Team Aguri in Formula E. Here are the screenshots of the skin :




I also said that I forgot some logos on the previous skin. This is now fixed, and I advice you to download the complete team folder. This folder will contain Berthon and Costa’s .dds file and Berthon’s .veh file.

You can download it here :!J8cwXQyC!kwy6baA0XFz3bLMXa-7xksK5Duv2tsQzuJCZEnvTdJ0

Have fun !