Formula Renault 2.0 skin : Epsilon Euskadi (Albert Costa).

Hello, after a quite long time without any post, I come today with my first skin for the  car that raced in the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup up to 2009. I decided not to update any actual livery, but just to make some from those years. And I logically begin with the year 2009 and the skin of the champion Albert Costa from Spain, who also raced in Formula Renault 3.5 series and in Megane Trophy Eurocup (champion in 2012).  Here are the usual screenshots :





As I said in a previous post, the car is the model created for the french FFSCA championship, but I got the right to update it and to make an alone « personal » mod of it. You will obviously have to download it before anything, and as I gift (one download only), this first skin is included.

You can download it here :!Yhl11CTT!vi6jFXcbkDDm5uwQz0_9VQf4i6AM2VcvEndBc0tISJ4

More skins (from this team in a first time) will come, but not all, because it is quite hard to find good pictures from cars that raced more than five years ago…I hope you’ll like it anyway.

EDIT : I forgot some logos on the side deflectors, so with the next skin (which will be Nathanael Berthon, I just need to find some detail to finish it) you will have to replace a file to update this one. Sorry for the inconvenience.


[W.I.P.] Karting de Bouillon : latest news.

Hello everybody, I’m bringing you on this day the latest informations about my second track in progress. I think I made it as good as my first try, and I went even a bit further. There’s still a lot of work, that’s why I expect it to be available at the end of september with a lot of luck. I can already tell you, that even if it is not finished, I can take some pleasure racing on it. Continue to follow me to get more about it !




Skin : BMW Sports Trophy Team Brasil (Blancpain Endurance Series).

Hello, my first post of the day is for uploading an old skin I made 3 or 4 months ago (I do not remember exactly). It is the 2014 livery of the BMW Sports Trophy Team Brasil for the Blancpain Endurance Series mod. I tested it with the 1.20 version, but I think it should work for any other version. I admit it is not the best I ever made, but it was like a test for myself. Here are the screenshots :






You can find the mod here :

And the skin can be downloaded there :!M1FgCIIQ!5gRECFrhiqYd1tPGJTWxkIZdoQVid-CUox7fHA-RVkc .

Please place the files in rFactor/GameData/Vehicles/Blancpain_Series_2012/Blancpain_Series/Teams.

I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway !

[W.I.P.] Karting de Bouillon : news.

Hello, today I arrive with some bad news…Unfortunately, while I was working on my new track, the software I use (Bobs Track Builder) decided to crash heavily. Following the crash, I could still load my project but there was nothing inside. No track, no object. I will have to restart it, but to be honest I already had to do it for my first track and it got much better after. So, with the fact that I will be in exams soon, it will put the release date much later than expected. I hope you’ll forgive that.

[W.I.P.] Karting de Bouillon

Good evening dear followers. As  I told you last month, I had some projects for another new track, and after a quite long time of work, I chose the good one. It is a Belgian kart track again, and I decided to make it because I need a little bit more of experience before beginning indoor tracks…The track is approximately 400 metres long, and I decided it to host a maximal number of 10 karts. It is located in Bouillon, in the Luxembourg Province, in the middle of a rural environment. I haven’t made a lot for the moment, but it shouldn’t take more time than I needed for my first track. Here are the first screenshots (with the buildings that are not as they really do) :





Jules Bianchi Tribute skin.

Hello, as promised I’m coming back again with the skin I made as a tribute to Jules Bianchi. It is the livery with which I will compete in a hillclimb race next week. I decided to make it for the Renault Megane Trophy, simply because it is the car I drive the better with. I put in it many sponsors and logos from Bianchi’s career and some more current (like Manor). I hope you like it, even though I can’t let you download it because the car goes with a private mod. But do not worry, if you want a such skin for any car, just let me a comment and I will see what I can do for you. Have a nice weekend.

MeganeTrophy17 (1) MeganeTrophy17 (2) MeganeTrophy17 (3) MeganeTrophy17 (4)