Formula Three Skinpack : Prema Powerteam

Hello everybody, today (and after a quite long time), I come back with the first team of my W.I.P. skinpack from the 2015 European Formula Three skinpack. I began as told before with the defending champion, Prema Powerteam and their drivers Felix Rosenqvist, Jake Dennis, Brandon Maïsano and Lance Stroll. They gave me a very important help, and I have to thank them for that. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for the download because as I said it will only possible once eveything will be finished. But you can still look at the screenshots ^^

Felix Rosenqvist (Sweden, car number 1) :

Rosenqvist2015 (1) Rosenqvist2015 (2) Rosenqvist2015 (3) Rosenqvist2015 (4)

(if I remember well, I changed some little things for this one after the screenshot but it isn’t very different)

Jake Dennis (United Kingdom, car number 2) :

Dennis2015 (2) Dennis2015 (3) Dennis2015 (4) Dennis2015 (5) Dennis2015 (1)

Brandon Maïsano (France, car number 24) :

Maisano2015 (2) Maisano2015 (3) Maisano2015 Maisano2015 (1)

And finally Lance Stroll (Canada, car number 25) :

Stroll2015 (1) Stroll2015 (2) Stroll2015 (4) Stroll2015 (5) Stroll2015 (3)

I hope you’ll enjoy it, and do not hesitate to comment as usual.

P.S. : the tribute skin is ready but still needs the approval of the mod’s creators.


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