Formula Three Skinpack : Prema Powerteam

Hello everybody, today (and after a quite long time), I come back with the first team of my W.I.P. skinpack from the 2015 European Formula Three skinpack. I began as told before with the defending champion, Prema Powerteam and their drivers Felix Rosenqvist, Jake Dennis, Brandon Maïsano and Lance Stroll. They gave me a very important help, and I have to thank them for that. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for the download because as I said it will only possible once eveything will be finished. But you can still look at the screenshots ^^

Felix Rosenqvist (Sweden, car number 1) :

Rosenqvist2015 (1) Rosenqvist2015 (2) Rosenqvist2015 (3) Rosenqvist2015 (4)

(if I remember well, I changed some little things for this one after the screenshot but it isn’t very different)

Jake Dennis (United Kingdom, car number 2) :

Dennis2015 (2) Dennis2015 (3) Dennis2015 (4) Dennis2015 (5) Dennis2015 (1)

Brandon Maïsano (France, car number 24) :

Maisano2015 (2) Maisano2015 (3) Maisano2015 Maisano2015 (1)

And finally Lance Stroll (Canada, car number 25) :

Stroll2015 (1) Stroll2015 (2) Stroll2015 (4) Stroll2015 (5) Stroll2015 (3)

I hope you’ll enjoy it, and do not hesitate to comment as usual.

P.S. : the tribute skin is ready but still needs the approval of the mod’s creators.


R.I.P. Jules Bianchi (1989-2015)

Just a simple message to remember Jules Bianchi, the French former Formula One driver that passed away yesterday, nine months after his horrible crash during the 2014 Formula One Japanese Grand Prix. As he was one of my favourite drivers, I’ll try to remember him every single day of my life. A tribute skin will come soon. #JB17 #ForzaJules #RIPJules


Formula Three skinpack and new track : news

Hello everybody, I didn’t post anything here for a long time but since the last newsletter I wrote, I went in holiday and didn’t have any Internet connection. So yet, it’s time to reveal my plans for the future, and  if we are talking about skins, it is the 2015 European Formula Three skinpack. I decided to abandon the idea of a 20145 skinpack, because released in the mid of 2015 it makes no sense. This time, I will begin with the first team in last year’s Teams Championship, and I’ll follow this order. I have already made one car, a second will be quick and te two others will need more work but I have a little bit of help. I will show ingame render each time I’ll finish a team, but there will only be one release. I am also thinking to make of it an alone mod, but I’ll need permission for that. For the tracks, I have a new project in addition of the update but I’ll talk about it as soon as it will be more precise. Thanks for the success of the website, everyday I get a smile on my face for that reason.