Karting de la Famenne released !

Hello, today is the greatest moment I’ll ever feel while feeding this website, because after a long time of work, my first track ever is released. There are at least two points that are better than I expected. First, the track isn’t as huge as I told you before, because it weighs 25Mb instead of 90 ! I forgot the compression into a MAS file that is obviously lighter… Secondly, I received good feedbacks from the beta testing that has been led the previous days, this is why I decided not to wait anymore, in order to begin a new one. A link of a Youtube video showing a little bit of action on the track is following, I hope you’ll appreciate it even if the quality is not so good (it’s all I could do in a restricted period, a better one is coming soon). Don’t worry, it’s much better ingame !The mod is World Karting 2.1 by Slimjim.

The link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvhUCrg8jA4

As you’ll maybe see it, there’s just a yellow flag waved out each time you exit the pits. It won’t cause any trouble but impossible to fix it. You also need to pass the start/finish line twice in practice session to launch the timer, because of the position of the pits. In addition, I did not worked a lot on the artificial intelligence, because I think it is much better to race it online with real drivers. So they maybe go out of the track easily and cause a lot of yellows, it depends of the level you give to them. I don’t think there’s much more to say except giving you the link for my (I hope) first masterpiece.


Enjoy and comment, I’ll accept everything and I’ll try to make a fix as soon as possible if you find a bug somewhere.


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