Karting de la Famenne : some informations

Hi everybody, today I come with some news about my first track that was released last week. First, a friend (DrCampy) made a new video of my track in 1080p Full HD. I think it will be easier to have a good idea of what the track really is with that one. We also added deleted scenes, I hope they’ll make you laugh…Here is the link (I can not include it in my post sorry) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOEuRwx6IuQ . Then, I can announce you that there will be an update of the track. The current version won’t change, but I’ll add a new one in which the tyres will not fly and you will not be able to cross the track anymore. I think I won’t be able to release it before the second part of July, even if it won’t take a lot of time. And finally, the track is available on the well-known website https://www.rfactorcentral.com/ . It is already quite successful, so continue to share and leave comments please !


Karting de la Famenne released !

Hello, today is the greatest moment I’ll ever feel while feeding this website, because after a long time of work, my first track ever is released. There are at least two points that are better than I expected. First, the track isn’t as huge as I told you before, because it weighs 25Mb instead of 90 ! I forgot the compression into a MAS file that is obviously lighter… Secondly, I received good feedbacks from the beta testing that has been led the previous days, this is why I decided not to wait anymore, in order to begin a new one. A link of a Youtube video showing a little bit of action on the track is following, I hope you’ll appreciate it even if the quality is not so good (it’s all I could do in a restricted period, a better one is coming soon). Don’t worry, it’s much better ingame !The mod is World Karting 2.1 by Slimjim.

The link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvhUCrg8jA4

As you’ll maybe see it, there’s just a yellow flag waved out each time you exit the pits. It won’t cause any trouble but impossible to fix it. You also need to pass the start/finish line twice in practice session to launch the timer, because of the position of the pits. In addition, I did not worked a lot on the artificial intelligence, because I think it is much better to race it online with real drivers. So they maybe go out of the track easily and cause a lot of yellows, it depends of the level you give to them. I don’t think there’s much more to say except giving you the link for my (I hope) first masterpiece.


Enjoy and comment, I’ll accept everything and I’ll try to make a fix as soon as possible if you find a bug somewhere.

Formula Renault 3.5 series skin (International Draco Racing)

Hello, today I’m releasing another FR3.5 skin, which is Pietro Fantin’s 2015 livery. This wasn’t really the hardest I’ve ever made, but I think it’s good looking. In addition, there aren’t so much teams in this competition for which the two liveries are almost the same, but it is fortunately the case for Draco. This means that the skin of his teammate (Bruno Bonifacio) could be released soon. I hope you’ll like this one anyway.

cdsfoj (1)

cdsfoj (2)

cdsfoj (4)

cdsfoj (5)

cdsfoj (3)

The download link : https://mega.co.nz/#!FkESBZST!00uOF66kw94CB4lkgsb0R0zQ2zXNIbQltELgSshGveg

You have to place is in the existing « International Draco Racing » folder, as usual when it is a team that was already competing in 2010.

Some news

Hi, today I’m bringing you some informations about the future of the website. Unfortunately, the last day were a little bit too quiet, it seems that less people watch it during days in which I don’t post anything, this is quite obvious. But despite that, I won’t give up because my first track is « almost » finished, though I remembered that I have to build another new hangar with a 3D program that I had never used before. But there’s also another great thing to come, because another track should come during the month of July or August, and this one is rather huge. New skins for the Formula Renault 3.5 are planned for the end of the month too, even if I won’t make a lot of Formula Renault 2.0 liveries with that too old model. And I promised the end of the Formula 3 skinpack, but I am thinking of stopping it, in order to make a 2015 skinpack that would be finished not as long after the end of the current championship. If you have any idea to give me, pleaase leave a comment or write me a mail, I’ll answer you with a lot of pleasure. Have a nice weekend, and I hope that you have the sun with you as I have it.

[W.IP.] Karting de la Famenne : news

Hi everybody, today I bring you some fresh news about my current track project. I worked hard on it yesterday, and I found how to solve the problem with the objects that didn’t load in the game. This helped me to include the tower in the current version, but the only trouble with that is that I can already tell you that the track will be quite huge, because it already takes 86 Mb of space…I still need to place the ripples on the track but this won’t be too hard, and then I’ll need to correct little bugs with the terrain. After this I think that it will be time to begin the beta testing, and I am almost sure that the track will be released at the end of this month. And of course, you can’t believe me if you don’t see what it gives :





Please continue supporting me, because the more we are, the better my work is !

Formula Renault 3.5 Series skin (Fortec Motorsport)

Hello, I’m back with a little surprise for you, that’s to say a new skin that I didn’t plan to do but I found enough time and had an idea. This one isn’t a livery that is from the  2015 Formula Renault 3.5 season, because it comes from 2013. It is the Fortec Motorsport – RACB National Team colours with which the Belgian driver Stoffel Vandoorne finished second in the championship. These are maybe my favorite colours ever, this is why I took a lot of pleasure while painting. I hope you’ll like it as well. Some screenshots as usual :

azdrt (1)

azdrt (2)

azdrt (4)

azdrt (5)

azdrt (3)

And obviously you need a link : https://mega.co.nz/#!MxEV2LJb!4CsYqKTxHf3I7bqk3cHeknVgfifDXmA1dsXlZg1bquc

Please place it again it the Fortec folder, even if it can maybe work somewhere else. This time, I really think I won’t be able to release something soon but I’ll give you news as soon as I’ll have some.