Formula Renault 3.5 Series skin (Pons Racing)

Hello, today I’m giving you the first skin I did one month ago from the 2015 Formula Renault 3.5 Championship. It is the livery of Roberto Merhi’s car during the Aragon meeting, when he was competing for Pons Racing. Unfortunately, nobody did a mod based on the newest car, the Dallara T12, this is why I had to take the beta mod from F1-SR of the old one, the T08, but there aren’t so much differences for the eye. I won’t make a skinpack for that (maybe next year) but I will certainly make four or five more, I’ll add a poll to the website about it in a few hours. Here are the screenshots, with still that yellow trouble, sorry…

gftyu (1)

gftyu (2)

gftyu (3)

gftyu (4)

Download link for the mod :!RtMm1KzB!5BqXjhvi3iXdZ7qO8Is4g9–Iy3-zCZDXDVG2yKusTc

And the skin :!1ssgjJxD!rjtPxmqFOWEyWN2NfCDlr7bTKMu69r-6qDbiGHqCbug

Please install the mod completely, like you would do with any other, then add the files in the original Pons directory. Enjoy !

IMPORTANT EDIT : here is the link of the online poll I’m talking about higher :


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