Formula Three European Championship skinpack

Hi, I come with some good news today. I am preparing my first skinpack, the 2014 F3 European Championship. I have already made 17 cars but I can’t make more for the moment, so the rest will probably come during summer. I’ll communicate about it when it will be time. It is a bit special because the used cars, the Dallara F312, are an upgrade to the Japanese Formula Three 2007 mod made by rFactor Series_Junior Team in 2008 and last updated on October 17th, 2010. This upgrade is a little bit bugged (especially the cameras and the tyres), this is why I changed those files to make it better. I also managed to make the mod work without the other cars that wouldn’t maybe interest you. You have a 2014 standalone mod, and here are screenshots of it :

kfzteile24 Mücke Motorsport :


Jagonya Ayam with Carlin :


Carlin :

frete (3)

But there’s also Jo Zeller Racing, Prema Powerteam, West Tec F3 and Fortec Motorsport. Please notice that I didn’t reproduce the helmets, so you’ll only get a white standard one for the moment. Here is the download link for what I’ve already made (with the car) :!E8lyCb7Q!PTPk1NHpZ8vSvG80cPzvn9kFEo4JIwgipdMc-9Jts1I . I repeat it, I maybe made mistakes so please tell me if I did, I can solve it quickly. Have all a nice weekend.


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