[W.I.P] Karting de la Famenne

Here’s the first preview of my first ever track to be released, the « Karting de la Famenne » in Marche en Famenne, Belgium. I did this track rather than any other because I wanted something quite easy for the beginning, and all other kart tracks in Belgium are already made, even Spa-Francorchamps that is not released yet. This track is approximately 550 meters long, usually  not opened for races but I managed to make it possible, though only 12 karts can race on. The environment is quite huge, so it would need a lot of details, especially the tower located about 50 meters further than the track (very hard to import the Sketchup model I found into BTB). But the track itself is fully operational. I join a view of the real track and what it gives for the moment. Read me frequently to get more news.





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