Formula Two 2010 skin

Hi everybody, I post now my first skin : the 2010 livery of Benjamin Bailly (Belgium) for the Formula Two 2009 mod that has the same cars. I join some screenshots, and I’m sorry for their quality but my computer has a problem with yellow I think. It is much better on another installation, I checked.

GRAB_001 GRAB_002 GRAB_004 GRAB_005 GRAB_007

Download link for the mod :!wssgUZhS!eOQuuNwdVHD8knimISJFHl7-q3gVLjVQzQqapdRMHgU

Mod made by simcompany ( and released on April 9th, 2010 for the 1.01 version.

And the skin :!Zt93waJB!UnXuZG1mnehOh2UMvWwQMoq_2BD7FOTJwXeVgZEDP8I

Certified without any virus, it comes from my own cloud… Just extract the folder and place it in GameData/Vehicles/FORMULATWO09. Enjoy !


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